Scottish painter inspired by the natural world

Peacock Feather (2015), oil on wood panel

Peacock Feather (2015), oil on wood panel


As both a scientist and an artist, I am fascinated with our natural world. In my ongoing Animalia series, I work to create paintings that highlight the beauty of the plants and creatures that make up the amazing biology of our planet. For my subject matter, I pick plants and animals that I find interesting to study, both from an artistic and academic perspective, and aim to convey this fascination in my paintings. I typically collect multiple beasts into one image, capturing a surreal scene inspired by the natural world but that is not restricted to the confines in which we would normally see these creatures. 

My other ongoing series, Shadows, is a separate collection of realism-style still-life and portrait paintings, in which strong lighting is used to enhance the objects and faces in my paintings, creating sharper angles and depth.

My most recent series, Animals in Research, explores the use of common lab animals in medical research. I use animals for my own research into how immune responses protect against fungal infections, and have often come across a stigma as well as intense curiosity. The aim of this series of paintings is to help promote better understanding of why we use animals in research, the benefits of doing so, and to dispel common myths. For more information and facts, I recommend visiting https://speakingofresearch.com/

Questions? Contact me @ rdrummondartist@gmail.com

*Most of my work is for sale, if you are interested in a piece - please email me (rdrummondartist@gmail.com) the name of the artwork you would like along with your zip code and I'll email you back with a quote. Paintings and drawings are priced based on number of hours work plus the cost of the canvas/frame, a full price breakdown is available upon request.